Caramel Suite Aria

ARIA - can be broadly described as a "kazak girl", well-built with good muscles, golden with a mask, looks very muck like her mother Taja, has a very similar look of her expressive black eyes under her curved brows. Her ridge is perfect both in shape and size. She is very active, persistant, loves our society, demands our attention, fond of dozing in our lap or on our slippers. She is always the first to greet our guests, rushing to them with her wagging tail and urging them to admire her beauty.

9 months


Caramel Suite Adagio
Caramel Suite Andante

Caramel Suite Allegro

Caramel Suite Alt

Caramel Suite Addolchito

Caramel Suite Afetto
Caramel Suite Apassionata