Litter born 18.11.2014

November 18, 2014. Puppies are born.

Dam: Our blue star of Ural Caramel Suite Gemiola aka SanTa (Jung Russian Champion, Russian Champion, more than 30 CAC )

Sire: isabella ELFGRACE INGVAR ATSO FALBERT TIL, Jung Russian and European (2013) Champion

1 blue female, 3 blue males and 2 isabella males.

All puppies have nice ridges, no white patterns, only 1 DS.

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December 18, 2012 Puppies are born.
Dam: Caramel Thai Bellijess (red), Sire: Fha Sansai (blue).

3 blue females and
2 black males (1 is available).

All puppies have nice ridges, bright distinct colors, no white patterns, no DS, no knicked tails.
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Information about Fah Sansai, kennel EMIRESKI:

Imported in 2005 from Thailand. Full FCI pedigree.

A dysplasia test for hip and elbow joints has shown no anomaly whatsoever.



    I have known Sansai since his first days in Moscow and chosen him to be Taja’s husband because
  • It is outline mating (no relatives in their pedigrees).
  • Sansai is a nice and quiet dog, a real gentleman.
  • He is a little distrustful of strangers but never aggressive.
  • He has remarkably dark eyes, lids and nose for a delute blue dog.
  • Homozygously blue (only blue dogs in the pedigree).
  • I totally agree with the opinion of the owners of one of Sansi’s wifes Runa.

Personal Impressions

The most impressive to us was the gracefulness of this dog. We had seen quite a number of TRDs but none like Sansai. Astonishingly even and smooth movements. Only dancers and martial arts masters move like that. It is a pity we haven’t filmed it.

We also saw what a distrustful TRD looks like. He avoided our hands but showed no aggressiveness.

The color of this dog deserves a special attention – a very beautiful deep dark bluish tint. Unfortunately the photo cannot show it.

On 5. and 7.October 2006 Taja was mated with PATS JADED See "Our puppies"

November 2007 - Altik received his 4. JCAC at the Dogshow Moskowia 2007.

October 2007 - We were in Dortmund. Caramel Suite Alt received 1 JCAC and BestJunior at the Nationale Show Dog & Horse Show.

September 2007 - Our Altik received 2 JCAC.

6 boys & 2 girls.
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