Caramel Suite Adagio

Adagio - (= slow) is the biggest fellow and he was the first to be born.
He seemed to be black in the beginning which made us happy but then he thought better of it and decided to become red.
We gave him the name of the battleship Potyomkin as he was dark-colored, big and strong and used to push everybody around like a battleship.

Adajio was the quietest and laziest puppy, very sweet and always hungry no matter what.
His new owners changed his name to Lotar.

9 months

9 months

4 months


Caramel Suite Andante
Caramel Suite Allegro

Caramel Suite Alt

Caramel Suite Addolchito

Caramel Suite Afetto
Caramel Suite Apassionata
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